Our Story

Hi there! We’re Meg and Gregg. We’re delighted you stopped by The Calm Pet Shop, your source for calming pet solutions. Our blog started as a way to share insights and experiences with other pet parents concerned about pain management, mobility issues, and anxiety problems. We are passionate advocates for the safe and responsible use of calming products to help pets live happy, stress-free lives.

Our experiences and extensive research revealed the remarkable benefits of CBD and other calming aids for our troubled Coconut. Coconut came to us pretty beaten up, with a heart condition, trouble standing and walking, and extreme anxiety with people, noises, and thunderstorms.

We began by introducing these products into Coconut’s life and have witnessed a remarkable transformation in her well-being. We believe in spreading awareness about the wonders these products can do for pets, and we’re dedicated to providing valuable resources and recommendations to pet owners like us who believe they are part of the family and deserve the very best in care, love, and support.

Stay tuned! We regularly update our blog with informative articles, success stories, advice and tips from veterinarians and animal behaviorists, and carefully researched product reviews.

With our blog, we aim to create a supportive community that shares a common love for pets and their well-being. We hope to serve as a helpful resource where you can find guidance on various topics such as pet health, behavior, and general care. Our goal is to not only help our furry friends but also assist pet owners in making informed decisions about their beloved companions.

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Coconut & Piper

Meet Coconut and Piper, the dynamic duo who bring delightful chaos in the most endearing manner. While Coconut embodies regal elegance, indulging in leisure and pampering, Piper’s relentless curiosity keeps us on our toes, and her “puppyness” has helped Coconut really break  out of her fearful shell. Despite their stark differences, their inseparable bond is a testament to their unique connection. Witnessing Coconut’s remarkable transformation is truly heartwarming and Piper is a true giver of joy!

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and us…

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Megan McArdle Cox

Trainer, pet mom, and med tech.  I can also be found researching the south Texas music scene at live venues.  I’m the one for all the snuggles and also the one they know can’t resist those another treat please eyes.

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Gregory Cox

After being left wondering and wandering by restaurant pandemic closures, I found solace in pursuing my true passion for writing. Now, I work as a freelancer and contributor to various blogs.  I am Coconut’s and Piper’s playtime bestie!