Do you have an anxious or hyperactive dog? Many pet parents face this challenge, and they know how heartbreaking it can be to see their furry friend struggling. Worry not! The solution to your dog’s anxiety might be as simple as choosing the right calming treat. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the nine best calming treats for dogs to help alleviate separation anxiety, hyperactivity, and other stress-related issues. Keep reading to discover the ideal calming treat for your canine companions.

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Top 9 Calming Treats for Dogs

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As pet parents, we always want the best for our dogs, and the best calming treats are no exception. With so many options on the market, choosing the right one for your furry friend can be confusing. To make your decision easier, we’ve narrowed down the top nine calming treats for dogs. These treats have been carefully selected based on their effectiveness, quality of ingredients, and popularity among dog owners.

Begin your journey into the realm of calming dog treats and identify the ideal solution for your anxious dog. With a range of options from CBD to soft chews and hemp-based treats, this list offers something for every canine companion. Let’s begin!

Outstanding Hemp Option: True Leaf

The True Leaf Pet Hemp Calming Chews stands out as a superior option for pet owners who prioritize natural and effective solutions for their dogs’ anxiety and stress. These chews are expertly crafted with a specialized blend of ingredients, each chosen for its calming influence. The primary component, hemp, is particularly noteworthy for its high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids. These acids play a crucial role in maintaining optimal brain function and nerve health, which are essential for a dog’s well-being and tranquility.

Moreover, the chews are enriched with L-theanine, an amino acid predominantly found in green tea, which is celebrated for its soothing effects. This is complemented by the inclusion of chamomile and lemon balm extracts, both revered for their ability to alleviate stress and anxiety in animals. The chews are beneficial for their calming properties and are designed to be highly palatable, ensuring easy administration. The inviting flavor makes them a favorite among dogs, aiding pet owners in managing their pets’ stress levels and enhancing their overall quality of life.

Perfect for Immediate Relief: VetriScience

VETRISCIENCE Composure Calming Treats are an innovative solution for pet owners seeking to address their dogs’ stress and anxiety. These treats are uniquely formulated to combat a variety of anxiety triggers, such as separation anxiety, noise sensitivity, and thunderstorms. The effectiveness of these treats is rooted in their carefully selected active ingredients, including thiamine (Vitamin B1), a collagen-calculating biopeptide blend, and L-theanine. These elements work in harmony to foster relaxation and diminish hyperactive behaviors in dogs.

Thiamine aids in calming the nervous system, while the Colostrum Calming Biopeptide Blend is known for its potent calming effects. L-Theanine is a key component that promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness, ensuring that dogs remain calm yet alert. The treats are available in enticing flavors such as chicken, bacon, and peanut butter, making them highly appealing to dogs. This combination of effective ingredients and delightful flavors makes these treats a top choice for pet owners seeking a reliable way to manage their dogs’ anxiety.

Best Soft Chews: Zesty Paws Calming Bites

Zesty Paws Calming Bites are an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a gentle yet effective calming solution for their dogs. These soft chews combine various natural ingredients known for their soothing properties, including L-theanine, ashwagandha, organic hemp seed powder, organic chamomile, valerian root, and L-Tryptophan. The unique blend of these ingredients ensures that dogs receive a comprehensive approach to stress relief.

The chews come in two delicious flavors – turkey and peanut butter – catering to different canine preferences. This makes administering them a delightful experience for pets. Moreover, the recommended daily dosages are tailored to cater to different sizes, ensuring that each dog receives the appropriate amount of calming ingredients. Zesty Paws Calming Bites are particularly useful for managing everyday stress and separation anxiety, providing dogs with a tasty treat that also helps maintain their composure and relaxation.

Top Choice for Hyperactive Dogs: NaturVet Quiet Moments

NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid is an ideal solution for hyperactive dogs. This product is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients known for their calming effects, including chamomile, thiamine mononitrate, passion flower, ginger, L-Tryptophan, and melatonin. These components work synergistically to promote relaxation and contentment in dogs, making them an effective aid during stressful situations such as storms, fireworks, travel, and grooming.

The calming aid is designed to be administered about 30 minutes before an anticipated stressful event, helping to ensure that dogs remain calm and collected. This preemptive approach is especially beneficial for pet owners who are aware of their dogs’ specific stress triggers. NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid is a practical and reliable option for managing anxiety in dogs, offering peace of mind to both pets and their owners.

Ideal Organic CBD Treat: HempMyPet

HempMy Pet’s organic pumpkin biscuits offer dogs a top-notch organic CBD treat option. These biscuits are formulated with water-soluble phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract powder and other natural ingredients, making them a suitable and healthy choice for dogs up to 50 pounds. The precise dosage recommendations ensure that each dog receives the optimal amount of CBD, tailored to their specific body weight.

These treats provide a calming effect and come with the added benefits of CBD, known for its soothing properties. The organic nature of these treats makes them a preferable choice for pet owners who are conscious about the quality and origin of the ingredients used in their pets’ products. HempMy Pet’s organic pumpkin biscuits are an excellent way to treat dogs to a calming and enjoyable experience, contributing to their overall well-being and relaxation.

Excellent for Travel: ellePet

ellePet Urgent Stress Hemp chews are a maximum relief option for dogs experiencing stress in various situations like car rides, new environments, vet visits, grooming appointments, and thunderstorms. These situational-use chews are specifically formulated to provide relief during stressful events. Administering them 1.5 to 2 hours before a stress-inducing event can significantly help calm and soothing the dog.

The versatility of these chews, which can be used in conjunction with other Ellepet products, makes them an excellent choice for travel and other anxiety-provoking scenarios. Their ability to provide fast and effective calming support makes them an invaluable tool for pet owners who need a reliable solution to manage their dogs’ stress levels during specific events or situations.

Remarkable Powdered Supplement: Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey’s Relax is an all-natural calming supplement for dogs, offering a unique and effective way to manage stress and anxiety. This powdered supplement is composed of a proprietary blend of herbs and other natural ingredients designed to be conveniently added to a dog’s regular food. The ease of administration makes it an appealing choice for pet owners.

Manufactured in the USA, this product is ideal for those seeking a remarkable powdered supplement to aid their dogs in achieving a calm and content state. Dr. Harvey’s commitment to natural ingredients ensures that the supplement is safe and beneficial for dogs, providing a stress-relief option that aligns with a holistic approach to pet care.

Exceptional Hemp-Based Option: Pet Honesty

Pet Honesty’s Hemp Calming Chews are a natural and effective solution for relieving stress in dogs. These chews incorporate ingredients like Valerian Root and Organic Chamomile, which are well-known for their calming properties. These chews are formulated to provide temporary relaxation for dogs, address behaviors like excessive barking and chewing, and reduce anxious behaviors and stress.

These chews offer a peaceful state of mind for dogs, making them an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a hemp-based option for managing their pets’ stress. The use of natural ingredients in Pet Honesty’s Hemp Calming Chews ensures that dogs can enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle.

Impressive Homeopathic Formula: Bach Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy is a renowned, all-natural tincture designed for pet stress relief. This homeopathic formula utilizes a blend of natural flower essences to create a calming effect. The versatility of the remedy allows it to be added to a dog’s food, water bowl, or even directly on a treat, making it a convenient and palatable option for stress relief.

However, it is always advisable to consult with a veterinarian before administering any new product to ensure its safety and suitability for your dog. Bach Rescue Remedy’s natural and gentle formula makes it a trusted choice for pet owners looking to provide their dogs with a natural way to cope with stress and anxiety.

Rescue Remedy Bach Pet Natural Stress Relief Size: 20ml

Check out the Rescue Remedy Bach Pet Natural Stress Relief, a top-rated choice for pet calmness! This natural herbal remedy uses calming pheromones to create a comforting atmosphere, perfect for easing your pet's stress and tension.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Calming Treats

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Selecting the correct calming treat for your dog is crucial, though confusing, given the wide array of options. To simplify the process, evaluate various factors like:

  • ingredient quality

  • proven effectiveness

  • understandable dosage instructions

  • safety

When choosing a calming treat, prioritize high-quality, natural ingredients. Calming treats vary significantly in quality, so opt for those made from tested, safe, and proven ingredients. It’s also important to consider the dosage instructions and ensure they’re clear and appropriate for your dog’s size and weight. Finally, consult a veterinarian to ensure the calming treats are safe and suitable for your dog’s needs.

Ingredient Quality

When choosing calming treats, it’s important to remember that not all calming treats are created equal. Prioritize products made with high-quality, natural ingredients. Avoid treats with artificial additives or preservatives, as these may not be as beneficial for your dog’s overall health and may even diminish the calming effects.

Opt for calming treats containing ingredients like:

  • Chamomile

  • Passionflower

  • Valerian root extract

  • L-Theanine

These ingredients are known for their calming properties and can be beneficial in reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation in dogs.

Proven Effectiveness

Established effectiveness is another key consideration when selecting calming treats for your dog. Opt for treats that have undergone efficacy tests and have a history of successfully reducing anxiety and stress in dogs. Research the manufacturer’s background, explore scientific evidence, and read customer reviews to confirm the effectiveness of the calming treats you’re considering.

Dosage Instructions

Clear dosage instructions are essential when selecting calming treats for your dog. Ensure the treats have dosage guidelines based on your dog’s size and weight to maximize their effectiveness. It’s also helpful to choose treats with different dosage options to ensure your dog receives the right amount of calming ingredients for their specific needs.

Following the recommended dosage instructions can help ensure your dog’s health is not negatively affected.


Safety takes precedence when picking calming treats for your dog. Select treats that are harmless for your dog, with negligible side effects and no potential interactions with other medications. It’s also crucial to consult with a veterinarian before giving calming treats to your dog, especially if they are already taking other medications, to ensure the best possible outcome.

By prioritizing safety, you can feel confident in providing your dog with calming treats to help alleviate their anxiety and stress.

How to Use Calming Treats Effectively

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Effective use of calming treats is key to guaranteeing your dog garners the full benefits of these supplements. Achieve this by monitoring your dog for side effects, addressing root causes of anxiety, and seeking advice and recommendations from a veterinarian.

Monitoring your dog for side effects is crucial to ensure their well-being when giving them calming treats. Observe your dog closely after administering the treats and consult with a veterinarian if any concerning symptoms arise.

Addressing the root causes of your dog’s anxiety can help reduce their dependence on calming treats. Some ways to address these root causes include:

  • Providing sufficient socialization for your dog

  • Addressing any traumatic experiences your dog may have had

  • Working with a professional trainer or behaviorist to address negative thought patterns

By addressing these factors, you can help decrease your dog’s anxiety symptoms.

Lastly, consult a veterinarian to ensure the calming treats are safe and effective for your dog’s needs.

Monitoring Side Effects

After administering calming treats to your dog, keeping a close eye on them to safeguard their wellbeing is important. Keep an eye out for any potential side effects or reactions, and reach out to your veterinarian if you notice anything alarming.

By closely observing your dog and seeking professional advice when necessary, you can ensure the calming treats work, providing the desired benefits and not causing any harm, making these calming treats safe for your pet.

Addressing Underlying Causes

Recognizing and tackling the root causes of your dog’s anxiety is key to lessening their reliance on calming treats. Factors such as:

  • Insufficient socialization

  • Traumatic experiences

  • Fear of loud noises

  • Unfamiliar environments

Certain factors can contribute to a dog’s anxiety, including separation anxiety, and understanding these factors can help reduce anxiety in your pet.

By recognizing and addressing these causes, you can develop more beneficial coping mechanisms and strategies to manage your dog’s anxiety, ultimately reducing the need for external interventions like calming treats.

Consulting with a Veterinarian

Seeking a veterinarian’s advice is extremely beneficial when pondering calming treats for your dog. A veterinarian can provide tailored advice and suggestions for your dog’s particular needs, ensuring the calming treats are safe and effective. Make sure to ask the right questions and factor in any dietary restrictions when discussing calming treats with your veterinarian.

Their guidance can help you make the best decision for your dog’s well-being.


In conclusion, finding the right calming treat for your dog can significantly improve their quality of life. By considering factors like ingredient quality, proven effectiveness, clear dosage instructions, and safety, you can confidently choose the perfect calming treat for your furry friend. Remember to monitor your dog for side effects, address underlying causes of anxiety, and consult with a veterinarian for guidance. With the right calming treat, you can help your dog navigate stressful moments more easily and comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective calming treats for dogs?

The most effective calming treats for dogs include True Leaf Hemp Calming Chews for large breed pups, NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid soft chews, and VetriScience Composure Calming Chews. These vet-formulated options are among the best calming treats.

Do dog calming treats really work?

Yes, calming treats can help reduce stress and anxiety in some dogs. They provide a source of relief when your pup is feeling overwhelmed, especially during loud noises, changes in scenery, or other stressful situations. However, it’s important to note that different dogs have different reactions, and it might take some trial and error to find the right treat that works for your pet.

What is the best calming treatment for dogs with separation anxiety?

The most effective calming treatment for dogs with separation anxiety is providing them with a high-reward treat while you’re gone, supplemented with pheromone sprays, herbal supplements, vests, interactive toys, and calming music. Always consult with your vet before introducing any new natural supplement.

Are calming treats safe for dogs?

Calming treats can be a useful and safe tool to help anxious dogs. Vet Linda explains that these treats can be beneficial when used correctly, so it’s important to know your individual dog’s needs.

Can I give my dog calming treats every day?

It is best to consult with your veterinarian to determine if calming treats can be used daily for your dog, as they can provide tailored advice based on your dog’s individual needs.